No Such File Or Directory

I am having issues with one of my projects in R Studio Cloud. It was working earlier but then all of a sudden it keeps giving me a pop up error saying No Such File Or Directory and it won't let me save any files.
It also throws the below error message when I try to open anything.

Warning message:
In file.remove(cacheFile) :
cannot remove file '/home/rstudio-user/.rstudio/sessions/active/session-632191f3/viewer-cache/1E7948D7.Rdata', reason 'Read-only file system'

I have restarted the session and tried a number of other things, but nothing is working. I've found some terminal code that apparently fixes this but it appears that this code snippet does not work on the cloud version.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you

Hello, sorry to hear your are having trouble. Can you please provide your project id so we can take a closer look?



I have been getting the same - but only in the evening Europe time.. started last night and has started again in the last hour.

Thanks Robert


We're happy to take a look, but can you please provide the ID for the project you are having trouble with?


775114 I believe is the project id. I have it as private do i need to open that up?

We're not seeing any problems with that project, can you double check the project ID (or send us the project URL). Otherwise, can you try to open the project again and see if the error remains?

It looks to be working again now. Thank you

That's great to hear. Thanks for letting us know!

I have been having the same problem with project 811531.

Please can you assist?

It is working again fine this morning.

Is there any reason why the problem arose in the first place, please?

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