Pricing Question

We were considering using R Studio Cloud for an upcoming class, but I have a question regarding the new pricing structure once it leaves beta on August 3rd.

  • An instructor license is $15 / month and includes 160 project hours.
  • A student license is $5 / month and includes 40 project hours.


  • What counts towards your project hours?
    • Projects you work on in "Your Workspace"
    • Projects you, or others, work on in your shared spaces
  • What does not count towards your project hours?
    • Projects you work on in others' shared spaces

So, if I create a workspace for a class that is, presumably, a "shared space," yes?

Does that mean the projects I create as "assignments" are run against my project hours?

I expect the 160 students in the course would burn through that allotment very quickly. Even if they were using their own project hours, I don't know if 40 hours per month is sufficient for a university student, especially during a compressed Summer course where they are expected to invest 15-25 hours per week learning the material.

It seems as though isn't going to be a workable solution for us if this is the case, which is unfortunate as it would have greatly simplified the course administration since we've gone online due to the pandemic.

Can someone verify my understanding is correct or correct my understanding?

Your understanding is correct - however, we do offer a fix priced plan for instruction without usage overage fees that you might want to explore. If you got to the Instructor plan page on Cloud ( and click the Request a Quote button, we'll get back to you shortly with a price for your summer course.


Hi @Robby, Will RStudio Cloud continue to be free for University Teaching? If not, then me and my 40-60 students are beeeep'ed next spring...

Hi Leon,

For our professional products (RStudio Server Pro, RStudio Connect, RStudio Package Manager), we do offer them for free for instructional use - however, it's then up to you to shoulder any costs associated with hosting and maintaining them. We'd love to give Cloud away for instructional use as well, but we need to cover our ongoing hosting costs so that we can continue to offer the service. We've priced Cloud for instructional use as low as we can and still cover our hosting costs - and we're not looking at it as a profit generator. We're also trying to make our pricing as flexible as possible since we know each university/professor/student's situation is different, hoping to cover as many cases as possible. I would recommend you reach out to our sales team (via the Request a Quote button on the Instructor plan page: and explain your situation - they may be able to come up with something that works for you. Hope this helps ...


Hi @Robby,

Thank you for your answer - Just to be clear, an account with basic usage 1GB/1CPU is still free right? If so, is there a monthly compute-time limit?

I of course understand, that you have a business model - I just have little-to-no money, as I expect is the case for many university level classes :+1:

Yes - we'll always have a free plan, and yes, it does have a compute-time limit of 15 hours / month. All the details for the free plan are covered here (

Thanks for your understanding re: pricing - and we're definitely aware that for many universities, budgets are very tight, particularly at this time. We'll continue to do what we can to make Cloud as affordable as possible for instructional use - and I hope that you're able to find a way to make it work for you and your students.

This is happening at an awkward time for me since I just started a summer course that ends in early September after the pricing begins. After my conversation with Pete Knast, I thought that I'd be OK for the summer and wrote up my syllabus that way. My students discovered yesterday that fees would begin halfway through the course.

Since this is an intro stat course, the 15 hours may be enough. What specifically happens when a student encounters the 15 hour limit? Is all access to the related files lost? Could a student recover and download the files they'd been working on? Could the student pay a fee and recover access to their work? I thought there would be a student only plan for something like $5/month. But there's no mention of that in what's been posted.

In the future, I will utilize RStudio cloud only for the limited number of students who don't have adequate computers. I'll create an instructor account and absorb the cost of these students personally. I can afford it, but many of my students can't. A lot of them don't even have credit cards.

I hope you implement an automatic shutdown after a short but reasonable time of no activity. I think most of the time usage you see is just machines left running with no work being done.

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Hey Harold- I will send you an email shortly.