Pro Drivers Version

How do I determine what version of the Pro-Drivers I'm using? I think I'm missing something obvious.

Hi @csgillespie, thank you for posting.

If on Linux, the Pro Drivers come with a sample /opt/rstudio-drivers/odbcinst.ini.sample file, which is normally appended to /etc/odbcinst.ini. In either file, each driver listed should have a line such as:

RStudioVersion = 2022.11.0

This will be the version number of the Pro Drivers. 2022.11.0 is the most recent release.

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Is this (Linux) OS independent, e.g. Ubuntu vs RedHat

Yes, should be the same across Ubuntu and RedHat distros. That odbcinst.ini.sample comes with every download, even if you download the tar manually.

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