RStudio Connect/packrat chokes on Bioconductor packages

As of R 3.6.0, Bioconductor packages need to be installed using BiocManager::install().

RStudio-connect/packrat cannot seem to handle this. The workaround I've been given is to:

  1. manually install any needed Bioc packages on the RStudio-connect server
  2. manually add these to the [Packages] section as External = <package>.

This is a major headache, especially as compared to the way that deploying to the server worked previously. Rather than my users effortlessly publishing their code, they will need to figure out the new Bioconductor packages that need special treatment, then contact me to provide this.

Has anyone found a better way? Is RStudio addressing this problem?

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I think RStudio package manager will help - you can sync the bioconductor github repos and then your users can install them like any other package.

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Thanks for raising this to us! @iain's approach definitely works, but we would expect packrat / Connect to be able to handle this case as well. I will raise with developers so that we can address the issue!